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Airoma Essential Oils 250mL


FREE  DELIVERY for orders more than P1,500.

We are now accepting orders for Metro Manila and Luzon.

We accept COD, credit card, bank transfer and GCash.

Delivery: 2 to 3 days Metro Manila; 3 to 5 days Luzon.

Airoma Essential oils are specially blended for your humidifiers and air revitalizers. They are water-based formulations for better dissipation of fresh scents, making your room smell fresh better and faster. These are sourced from Europe and blended in Singapore.

Available in 19 scents in 4 categories such as:

Christmas Pine - Feel the smell of fresh pine trees
Fresh Mist - Clean and refreshing scent
Gardenia Plus - Mild and invigorating scent of fresh garden
Lemon - Zesty, citrus smell
Morning Dew - crisp, clean morning smell
Spring Blossoms - Combined scent of soothing succulent flowers
Sweet Orange - Sweet and tangy scent that creates a cheerful atmosphere

Breatheasy - Subtle minty scent that helps relax respiratory airways
Eucalyptus - Strong minty aroma that calms the nerves and helps relax the respiratory airways
Hinoki - Heavy, minty aroma that helps relax the respiratory airways
Leisure Time - Strong minty musk
Peppermint - Fresh minty smell that helps promote mental alertness and relaxes respiratory airways

Bamboo Fresh - Delightful scent of calming bamboo woods perfect
for offices spaces
Green Apple - Crisp, fruity apple scent 

- Distinct grassy-lemon smell, use to repel mosquitoes
Rainforest - Earthy mildewed scent that creates a tranquil effect
Relaxing (Lavender-base) - Comforting, clean smell
Sleepeasy - Mild scent that creates a comforting ambiance
Swiss Cottage - Harmonious smell of cool and windy mountain