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Airoma Air Purifier Big Round Machine + 1 Airoma Essential Oil 100mL Bundle

₱2,300.00 ₱2,750.00

Airoma Air Purifier Round Machine consists of a high speed purifying unit which makes use of Airoma Essential Oil together with clean water to cleanse, fresher and purify the surrounding air in a closed room. It moisturizes the environment and removes unpleasant odors, neutralizes pollutants and other harmful substances. It helps to soothe the respiratory system for people prone to allergies, cold and flu. Together with the therapeutic effect of aromatherapy, various common ailments are alleviated.

  • Aroma Diffuser
  • 10W/220V/50Hz
  • Anti-Bacteria and Anti- Viral
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Neutralized pollutants
  • Creates healthier air
  • Covers 40sqm

Comes with a choice of one of Airoma Essential Oils are non-hazardous, water-based formula imported from Europe. Available in 13 different scents in 4 categories such as:

Lemon - Zesty citrus smell 
Morning Dew - Crisp morning clean smell
Spring Blossoms - Combined scent of soothing succulent flowers

Eucalyptus - Strong minty aroma that calms the nerves and helps relax the respiratory airways 
Peppermint - Fresh minty smell that helps promote mental alertness and relaxes respiratory airways

Bamboo Fresh - Delightful scent of calming bamboo woods perfect for office spaces
Cool Breeze - Brisk, fresh scent. Perfect for office spaces
Green Apple - Crisp-fruity apple scent 
Marine Musk - Clean, masculine scent
Sweet Spice - Mild, sweet musk that can be used for office spaces or rooms for a masculine mood

Citronella - Distinct grassy-lemon smell, use to repel mosquitoes
Lavender - Mild ambrosia of blooming lavender flowers; helps promote mental alertness
                  and relaxes the nerves
Rainforest - Earthy mildewed scent that creates a tranquil effect